Why can wiring terminals gain consumer trust?

Column:Industry Information Time:2022-09-01
Terminal blocks are a type of connector designed to facilitate the connection between wires.

Terminal blocks are a type of connector designed to facilitate the connection between wires. Generally, it is composed of basic parts such as insulation parts, conductive parts, welding legs, etc. For spring terminals, in addition to the basic part, there are also spring plates. Terminal blocks are a technological design, and the following will introduce the situations under which terminal blocks can be used for the exam.

1. The wire at this location requires frequent disassembly and assembly due to long-term debugging and maintenance. For example, between two wires, sometimes they need to be connected and sometimes they need to be disconnected. At this time, terminals are used to connect them and disconnect them at any time during use. It's very convenient and fast.

2. Consider an electrical box or circuit board as a whole, and connect the PCB wiring terminals to the circuit board. In the event of a circuit malfunction, it is easy to detect the problem with the wires, avoiding time-consuming and laborious disassembly of the wires from the circuit board.

3. The same equipotential point requires a large number of connecting wires. There are corresponding holes at both ends of the wiring terminals for inserting wires, screws for fastening or loosening, and a large number of wire interconnections. In the power industry, there will be professional terminal blocks and terminal boxes, with wiring terminals covered on the top, single layer, double layer, current, voltage, ordinary, interruptible, and so on. Very convenient and fast.

4. The wire diameter is large and it is not convenient to connect with screw terminals. The plug-in terminal block uses a crimping frame for wiring, which can connect large wire diameters and the wires are not easily damaged.

5. The current is high and requires a large contact area at the electrical connection. The TB series high current terminal blocks can meet the needs of high current.

6. Multiple wires must be connected to the same terminal. Because there are multiple sockets on the same wiring terminal, it is convenient for wire connections.

It has been nearly a hundred years since the invention of wiring terminals. From the earliest combination terminals to various plug-in, direct welding, barrier, spring terminals, and even bare terminals, a sound electrical interface technology system has already been formed in the connector industry. Its application scope has also expanded to many fields such as urban rail transit, security lighting, elevator power control, medical machinery, etc. Due to the convenient and fast installation and stable electrical performance characteristics of wiring terminals, they are gradually gaining the trust of a large number of consumers.